Why the Romanian Games industry needs a news site

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Catalin Marcu: Some years ago, if I’d heard that someone was starting a news site focused solely on Romanian games, I’d most likely laugh it out. Why would our lackluster industry need such a thing?

Today’s local gamedev landscape looks quite different. With around 80 studios spread throughout our country, we can safely say we have plenty to talk about. Sure, maybe there won’t be tens of articles each day, we’re not covering the whole international industry, but still, when you start following what’s happening, you see that there are new games announced or released, new screenshots or trailers that tease us through social media, news about game studios and industry connected companies and groups, with their various initiatives. So, yes, we have what to talk about!

We can safely say we have plenty to talk about.

The main reason why myself and Elvis started RoGa News was because we wanted to keep track of all these things that are happening in our local community. And we’re pretty sure there are a lot of you out there who would love to also be in the know. Not necessarily because the games we make are major blockbusters that can compete with the big guys – although you’d be surprised at the quality of some of them. But mainly because we, the people who work in this industry, feel the need to be connected to each other. And the first step for that is to know about one another and, most importantly, about our respective work.

During my many talks with Andrei, one of the founders of RGDA, I was surprised by how little I knew about who is making games in our country. And, while some of you definitely know more than me, I think it’s safe to say that, aside from a few select individuals, we don’t know everyone. You might have some really awesome people making something great somewhere near you and you don’t even know about them. And, as game developers, we can never have too many contacts in the industry. Or similarly minded people to grab a beer with and discuss the latest gaming trend, engine or shading technique.

You’d be surprised at the quality of some of [these games].

RGDA does a great job of promoting Romanian gamedev, but they can’t cover all the needs of our industry. We need a place where we can check out what’s been happening lately. This is where RoGa News comes in and, far more importantly, where you come in. Because we can only make this a successful initiative with your help. By talking to us, letting us know about your latest work, by sharing our articles on your social accounts, by spreading the word and, if possible, by supporting us. We’re starting roganews.ro with a lot of hope and passion, but it can only work if we embrace it as a community.

We can only make [roganews.ro] a successful initiative with your help.

Lastly, but not the least important, I think Romania has become a very decent market for our games. Sure, you won’t sell a million copies, maybe not even a hundred thousand. But I know a few thousand copies sold here, in a market that maybe you’d otherwise ignore, is still a few thousand extra copies sold. If we can let our co-nationals know about the cool games we’re making, I’m sure at least some of them will support us. Otherwise, they’ll just keep going back to the worldwide popular games other sites and channels are telling them to buy, without even knowing that there is a good offering of titles from an industry way closer to home.

We, as game consumers and developers, think it’s time that Romania learns of all the games that are made in our country and of all the wonderful people creating them. Do you agree?

P.S. All our articles are written in English, so you can safely share them with the whole wide world. Just because we focus on Romanian games doesn’t mean your interview or that cool article about your game should only address our co-nationals. Share away, with all the might of your click. Or tap.

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