The RoGa Awards 2017 winners

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It’s been a busy year for the Romanian Games industry! We here at want to celebrate the great games made in Romania. Here are the RoGa Awards 2017 winners! Congratulations to all of them, to the rest of the nominees and to the other great games coming out of our local industry in 2017!

Game of the year
Black the Fall
Black the Fall is one of those rare games that make you proud to be part of this industry. With around 5 years of development, the game was polished again and again until this little gem came out this summer, suprising players and critics alike. With a great mood, really good puzzles and a beautiful art style, the game stands out as the best our local industry had to offer in 2017.
Best PC/Console
While Black the Fall is the star in this year’s Romanian games lineup, it was Gorescript that truly surprised us when it came to playing on our PCs. The game is an ode to the old classics like Doom, with its fast and snappy gameplay, energizing music and level design that feels taken right out of the old design bibles. The voxel look also contributes to the game’s retro feel, resulting in a fun nostalgic package that brings back good memories of our childhood!
Best Mobile
Radiation City
Atypical Games is a Romanian studio with a lot of solid experience in developing premium mobile games. To us, Radiation City is their best game so far. The captivating story is supported by beautiful visuals, a great mood and complex survival gameplay. When it comes to having a full gaming experience on mobile, Radiation City is one of the best choices you can make!
Best Graphics
Marble Land
There’s something that’s just captivating about the visuals in Marble Land. Every time we see a screenshot of the game, we pause to admire the colored lights and the awesome environment of the game. When you try the real experience, you get immersed in this world of light, metal and rock, even more so if you play the game in VR. To us, without doubt, this is one beautiful game!
Best Gameplay
Battle Golf Online
We played a lot of Romanian games this year, but none kept us coming back like Battle Golf Online. While the game might seem simplistic or gimmicky, to us it’s the very definition of fun. A game for gameplay’s sake, Battle Golf Online takes a simple idea and polishes it into a perfectly addictive formula. Hundreds of matches do little to wane the game’s enjoyment!

It’s been a great year for Romanian Games, so here’s hoping that 2018 will be at least as good! With all the great titles soon to be released, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be an awesome year! And to wet your appetite, below you can check out our picks for Most Anticipated Games of 2018! The team at is going to be back next year to keep you up to date with the latest developments in our local gamedev industry.

We wish you Happy Holidays!

Most anticipated games of 2018
Gray Dawn
Catalin Marcu: It was a tough pick for me between Gray Dawn and Gibbous, but I have to say that I’m most excited to play Gray Dawn. I had the chance to try an early demo of the game a while ago and it stayed with me ever since. The game has an intriguing story and great visuals, but what stands out most is its insanely awesome mood. Priests, demons and exorcisms? Yes, please! I can’t wait to see how the team at Interactive Stone managed to tackle all these sensitive topics!
Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure
Elvis Alistar: I will admit it: I am a total sucker for old school point and click adventure games. Gibbous takes this tried and tested recipe and gives it a fresh reincarnation, this time around in a world inspired by Hitchcock, HP Lovecraft and others. The game’s hand drawn graphics look absolutely charming, all the characters are full of personality and the dialogues are funny. Throw in the promise of a story involving strange cultists, ancient voodoo and Dead Cthulhu himself and I’m sold! With the Stuck in Attic team looking at having the game run on mobile as well, this is a must have on the list of games to play in 2018!

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